Request for Proposals – Fall 2024

Please email completed forms to jsteele@kean.edu and ldumont@kean.edu. Please read these instructions carefully:

Due June 5, 2024

By submitting a proposal, you are stating that you are willing to follow the rules and procedures mandated by the New Jersey Division of Fire Safety and that the material you are proposing to teach is adequate to provide 5 full hours of instruction regardless of the number of students in attendance or the level of class participation. Please note, in order to be sure that you have enough course material, you may need to prepare for 6 (full day) or more hours of teaching. By submitting a proposal, you are also acknowledging that you have read these instructions.

Handouts are required for all scheduled classes. Handouts must be printed. We print and ship your handouts as a courtesy. Unless you’re travelling by air, you are responsible for accepting delivery and distributing them to your students. If you’re travelling by air, but teaching multiple classes in a row, we will send all handouts to your first assigned location for you to pick up. We may send you enough handouts to cover multiple classes in the following semester. It is your responsibility to maintain the supply and notify us if you do not have enough. You may have to make your own handouts if you have not maintained the supply shipped to you.

For printing purposes, all handouts (new classes or updated material) must be submitted electronically  by September 3, 2024. Handouts must be in either original PowerPoint or PDF. PowerPoint saved as PDF must be in handout, 3 slide to a page format. If you have multiple parts, they must be compiled into one pdf. Handouts not submitted on time will be the responsibility of the instructor to print and distribute.

You must be willing to travel throughout the state of New Jersey to teach at any of our facilities.

Please note, “Training which is controlled by NJAC 5:71 or 5:73 shall be reviewed and approved by the Office of Training and Certification within the Division of Fire Safety.  All approval shall be confirmed by written response from the Office of Training and Certification.” All classroom/facility requests made by Kean University are made only for the sole use of classrooms and audio/visual equipment in that facility.

If you intend to include any “hands on” training that involves group/student participation and/or a live burn demonstration of any type, you, the instructor, are responsible for contacting the Office of Training and Certification, to obtain the requisite permission and/or permits. You are also responsible for following up with all scheduled locations to coordinate and verify that everyone on site is prepared. No exceptions will be made to this requirement. Approval for Kean University to schedule your course does NOT include the permission/permits as required in NJAC 5:71 or 5:73.

Forms with instructions are attached for download/completion. Please use the form to submit the following information:

  1. Contact information including name, title, phone number and email address is included.
  1. The exact course title. If proposing multiple titles, please include all on the same form.
  1. All-inclusive fee for five hours of instruction, not including breaks. This fee is the fee for the entire fiscal year beginning July 1.

For the proposal, we ask for an all-inclusive fee, but if you’re travelling from out of state, we also ask that you break down that fee so we can compare your instructor fee against instructors who are not travelling from out of state.

For out of state instructors, please base your fee on the use of refundable travel reservations as we will not be responsible for change fees, deposits lost or any other travel fees that you may incur. We reserve the right to cancel for any reason within 24 hours of your scheduled class.

Please keep in mind, when you propose your fees, this is a grant. We may or may not ask you to negotiate your fee, if it is too high. Also, please keep in mind that for high fees we may require a higher student registration in order to run the class.

  1. Three dates.

Please provide three dates per course title proposed, Monday through Saturday’s only. Please include at least one Saturday per title.

The dates for the Fall semester are September 18 – December 13.

Due to holidays, please DO NOT include the following dates:

Oct 14, Nov 5, Nov 11, and Nov 28 – 30.

Please hold dates until August 23. If after the fact, you have a conflict with a date you submit, contact our office immediately.


  1. A short, 3 – 5 sentence, course description for marketing and publication purposes. Word format is required. (For classes not taught the previous semester.)
  2. The course objectives are clearly defined. (For classes never taught for DFS.)
  3. The target audience and sub-codes to be addressed are indicated. (For classes never taught for DFS.)
  4. A detailed course abstract is included. (For classes never taught for DFS.)
  5. A description of audio-visual materials is included. You do not need to include your entire presentation; two to three pages is plenty. (For classes never taught for DFS.)
  6. A resume and/or statement of qualifications is included. References and/or statement of experience. There is a one-page limit for each. Do not submit more than once. Please skip this step if you have taught for DFS within the last 5 years.
  7. Please limit the entire package to ten pages or less.

Please email completed forms to jsteele@kean.edu and ldumont@kean.edu.

Planning Form for Previously Taught Courses

Fall 2024 Planning Form for New Courses