New Process to Withdraw From Courses

New Process to Withdraw From Courses

We are excited to share a new process which allows students to withdraw from classes. We ask that all withdrawals be made at least one business day in advance of the class in order to allow other students to attend. For example, a class that begins at 8:30 a.m. on Monday would require a withdrawal by 8:30 a.m. the Friday before.

Here is a link to a video explanation of the process.

Here are written instructions of the process:

To Withdraw from a course

· Go to the web site www.keanfiresafety.com.

· Click the Log In button (Log In button is in blue box at top right of keanfiresafety.com home screen.)

· The next page you will be directed to is: www.keanolt.ourclassroom.net (background photo is Newark, NJ.)

· Login to your account.

· Click the down arrow at My Courses and you’ll see a dropdown menu that include the course(s) in which you have Registered/Enroled.

· Click on the class from which you want to Unenrol/Withdraw.

· Click the Cog (box with gears icon) to the left of My Courses.

· Click the picture of the Cog that is on the next screen.

· Confirm that the course showing on the screen is indeed the class from which you’d like to Unenrol/Withdraw.

· Click the link that reads “Unenrol me from (class name).

· Click the Continue to confirm the unenrol/withdraw.