Program Requirements


Web-based Course Registration Process

Registration into courses will be exclusively through the Web-based Course Registration Process. Phone registration is not accepted. To register for courses go to www.keanfiresafety.com/course-listings/ and click on the Login Button.

If you have not already done so, you will need to register for an account on www.keanfiresafety.com/register/. Account registration is available once per Division of Fire Safety Identification Number.

Read the instructions below before proceeding.

If you already have an Account click on Login. If you can’t remember your password, please use the Lost Password link to reset your password.

Registration Period

The registration period begins on September 12, 2018 at 9 a.m. and continues through the semester. Registration for each course closes 24 hours prior to the class start time. You may register for a maximum of six (6) courses each semester. In special cases you may register for additional classes over the maximum limit, but only on a space available basis and approval by NJ Division of Fire Safety. Please call 609-777-3552 for approval. Credit will not be issued for repeat courses which have already been completed within your active certification cycle, with the exception of Code Update.  The NJ Division of Fire Safety reserves the right to limit the number of enrollments per person.

Withdraw From A Course

If you are unable to attend a course, you must within 24 hours of that course. Failure to withdraw or receiving a No Show on your record could result in the DFS revoking registration privileges for future courses. Please be courteous to other fire service members who may want/need to attend the course, if you’re not going to fill the seat. Please read the instructions below to withdraw from a course.

Course Confirmation Notice

You will receive a confirmation notice of enrollment via email to the email account you provide in the creation of your account. Please be sure to adjust your settings to allow email from wordpress@keanfiresafety.com. We strongly suggest that you use an email account that is not provided by your internet server, i.e. @Comcast, @optimum, @Verizon so that you will be able to access your email even if you change internet service providers. We suggest a “permanent email” such as yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

All communications regarding courses will be via email and you are responsible for checking for notices prior to attending any course. If you don’t receive email in your inbox, please check your junk/spam box/folder and see if your confirmation was delivered there and then adjust your settings to allow delivery to your inbox.



Multiple Dwelling Inspector Information

UCC Fire Inspectors/Officials who also hold a Multiple Dwelling Inspector license may use any one of the following Code Enforcement courses per three-year license cycle for renewal of a multiple dwelling license. Further information may be obtained by calling 609-984-7834. The following course codes qualify for Multiple Dwelling Inspector credit: CE501, CE526, CE547, CE711, CE755, CE765, and C2T23.

Confirmation of Attendance

Students can receive same-day confirmation of attendance at a course. If you are interested in receiving verification on the day you attend a course, you must print out and bring your emailed confirmation notice with you to class. After the class has concluded, the facilitator will stamp this notice as proof that you attended the course. Although computer records are kept, we recommend you keep a record of all courses you attend and complete.

Unless otherwise noted in the course description, all courses begin promptly at 8:30 a.m. and conclude at approximately at 3:30 p.m. unless otherwise indicated.  Please note, all instructors, have by contract agreed that they will provide the minimum number of contact hours that the NJ Division of Fire Safety requires in order to provide the credit amount indicated for each course. They are not allowed to adjust the course length without permission from NJ Division of Fire Safety or Kean University. Providing an early dismissal without permission could jeopardize the ability of the NJ Division of Fire Safety to grant any credit for your attendance in the course.

In order to receive course credit, you must check in with the course facilitator, be present prior to the start of class and in the classroom for the entire course.  Credit may not be granted if you arrive late, return late from lunch and breaks, leave the location early or frequently leave the classroom while the course is in session.

Additionally, you may not receive credit if you are observed to be using the internet, reading a newspaper/magazine or engaging in behavior in such a manner that is not conducive to your participation in the class or causes a disruption/distraction to other students or the instructor. If you are asked to discontinue such behavior and you do not immediately comply you may not receive credit. The facilitator and instructor have the right to ask for your cooperation and they are not required to repeat that request. In other words, by reading this notice and agreeing to these terms you acknowledge that you will not receive more than one request to cooperate and failure to immediately do so may result in no credit being given.

Dress Code

The NJ Division of Fire Safety has instituted a dress code for attendance at courses. Appropriate dress includes long pants, shirts with sleeves, and shoes. Sleeveless shirts, shorts, and hats are not permitted at any DFS course, exam or conference. Facility representatives may enforce this dress code and those who do not comply may be dismissed from the course and /or lose credit.



Enrollment Instructions

Prior to beginning the enrollment process for any course, please read the course brochure for instructions and details such as if a parking permit is needed.

To begin the enrollment process for NJ Division of Fire Safety Courses, you must either create an account or if you already have an account, you must login.

To create an account

Click Login in the upper right part of the home screen of  www.keanfiresafety.com.

Click Register.

Complete the following fields:

DFS Fire ID – CAUTION Be certain you enter the correct ID number or you may not get credit

First Name

Last Name

Username – CAUTION Username cannot be changed

Email Address – CAUTION Email address combined with Username cannot be changed or used more than once.

Phone number

Street Address

Zip Code




Confirm Password

Click the box to indicate you’re not a robot.  Follow instructions on the picture that pops up

Click Register/Create an Account

After your account is created it will prompt you to login in using your Username and password.

Complete the following required information on Profile page: First Name, Last Name and Email address. Click Update Profile at the bottom of the page. Please leave other fields blank or prefilled. You do not need to make any changes to your password. You will get a Profile Updated message.

Login on the Login page.

Click the Course Listings to begin the enrollment process.

To Login

Click the Login button in the upper right portion of the home screen

Enter your Username

Enter your Password

If you can’t remember your password, click the link Lost Password and enter your email address on the following page. A link to reset your password will be emailed to you.

To Enroll In A Course


Your Profile page will open.

Click Course Listings

Click the arrow in the Select Category box

Select the section you would like to browse and click Search. For example, PEOSH Fire Service Update, Administrative Courses, Technical Courses, Fire Service Certification, Continuing Education, Youth Firesetter Awareness Courses or Health and Fitness Courses.

Or you can type in a specific course name and click search to go to that course.

Browse to the course you would like to enroll in.

Click on the Course Name listed with the location and date you would like to attend.

Read the course description carefully, check that the location and date are what you intend to enroll in.

After reading the course description and verifying the date and location, click the Enroll Now button.

Click OK in the dialogue box if you are sure you want to enroll.

If do not wish to proceed, click cancel in the dialogue box.

Click the link for Back to Listings to begin the enrollment process again.

To Withdraw From A Course

From either Your Profile or Course Listings click on Current Listings.

Click on the arrow in the box beside Bulk Actions.

Click on Delete/Withdraw.

Click the box beside the course ID you would like to withdraw from.

Click Apply.