CEU Matrix Spring 2023 – Sortable

Course Title
UFC Admin
UFC Tech
UCC Admin
UCC Tech
Fire Instructor
Fire Investigator
Multiple Dwelling
Page #
Active and Passive Fire Protection in the Build Environmentxxxx23
Aircraft Rescue Firefightingx44
Basics of Fire Sprinklers and Fire Pumpsxxxxx42
Building Strong Teamsxxx16
Buildings on Fire; Tactical Risks for First Due Companies and Commandersx44
Carbon Monoxide Alarm Regulationsxx23
Code Updatexxx24
Command Decision Making: A Safety Persepctivex45
Community Risk Reduction: Integrating Our Effortsxxx16
Compartment Fire Behavior: Bringing The Science To The Streetsxxx
Concrete Parking Decks and Garagesxxx24
Connecting And Interacting With Challenging Boss Behaviorsxx16
Construction Operations and Planning for Fires in Mega Mansions and Large Area Residentialsx45
Diet and Exercise for Peak Firefighter Performancex46
Drill Ground Instructor *38
Dry Pipe, Deluge and Pre-Action Systems xxxx42
Effective Budgeting for the Fire Officialx17
Emergencies Involving Electric and Hybrid Vehiclesxx46
Emergency Incident Media Coveragex47
Emotional Intelligencexx17
Evidence Based Firefighting: Dealing With Modern Fire Loadsxx47
Fire Department Responsibilities at Incendiary Firesxxx25
Fire Escape Inspectionsxxx25
Fire Extinguisher Trainingx25
Fire Incident Report Writingxxx26
Fire Investigation: Considering the Role of Natural Gas and/or Electricityxxx26
Fire Investigators; Who We Really Arex61
Fire Pumpsxxxx42
Fire Service Concerns for Television and Film Productionsx27
Fire Size Upx47
Fire Suppression Operations in Strip Mallsx48
Firefighter Burn Injuries, what you need to know!x48
Firefighter Safety and Survivalx48
Fireground Strategies: High Rise Operationsx49
First Due Concerns for the Initial Incident Commanderx49
Fundamentals of Automatic Sprinkler and Standpipe Systemsxxxxx27
Fundamentals of Use Groupsxx28
Handling Difficult Situationsxxxx17
Harassment, Diversity, and Social Media: Issues for the Emergency Servicesxxx18
Hazard Identification and Preventionx50
Hazardous Materials-Bulk Storage to Big Box Storesxx28
HAZMAT for Fire Inspectors: Alternative Fuelsxxx29
HAZMAT for Fire Inspectors: Common Chemicalsxxx29
HAZMAT for Fire Inspectors: Terms, SDS, and HFSxxx29
Health and Wellness for the Emergency Responderxx50
Healthcare Facilities Pre-Incident Planning/Fire Fighter Hazardsxx30
Healthcare Facility UFC Inspectionsxx30
Hot Topics in Code Enforcementxx31
In Honor of the Charleston 9: Sixteen Years Laterx51
Incorporating Safety into Your Trainingx51
Inspection and Testing of Water Based Fire Protection Systems (Part 1& 2)xxxx31 & 32
ITM Requirements for Fire Sprinkler Systemsxxxx43
Large Diameter Hose Strike Team Operationsx52
Legacy Wood Frame Construction Principlesxxxx32
Lessons, Learnings and Leadership From the Fireground 360x52
Lithium Batteries: Awareness of Hazards and Safetyxx53
Looking Through Johari Windowx18
Managing Fireworks Displaysx33
Managing the Local Enforcing Agencyxx18
Marine Firefighting Awarenessx53
Mobile Food Vendor Inspection and Safety Coursex33
Origin and Cause: A Systematic and Comprehensive Investigationxx33
Pre-Engineered Commercial Kitchen Fire Extinguishing System Trainingxx34
Pre-planning and Fire Suppression of Buildings Under Construction and The Dangers of Vacant Dwelling: Challenges and Solutionsxxx34
Presentation Skillsxx19
Preventing Firefighter Training Injuriesx53
Principles and Practices of Dynamic Leadershipxx20
Principles of Modern Building Constructionxxxx35
Public Education: Fire Safety Programs for Preschool and Elementary Studentsxx20
Public Education: Innovative Fire Safety Programs for Teens and Adolescentsxx21
Public Education; Fire Safety & Prevention Programs for Families & Seniorsxx21
Smoke Alarms for Residential Applicationsxxxx35
Solar Power: Strategy and Tactics for the First Responderxx35
Still Ridingx54
Strategic Considerations of Ventilationx54
Street Smart Fire Inspectionsx36
Subchapter 4: “Retro-fit Requirement” Where are we nowxxx36
The Dangers Lurking Belowx55
The Training Divisionx36
Think Like an Incident Commanderx55
Tips and Techniques for the Incident Safety Officerx56
Tips and Tools for Effective Inspectionsxx37
Vacant Buildings; Best Practices for Handling Vacant Building Inspectionsx37
Water Supplies and Sprinkler Systemsxx43
We’re Only Human: Understanding Fireground Behaviorx56
Wheelchair Accessible and Handicap Mobility Vehicle Rescue and Awarenessx56
Woodframe and Ordinary Construction Principlesxxxx37
Youth Firesetter Awarenessxxx22

* CEU credit for the Drill Ground Instructor course will only count toward renewal of a Drill Ground Instructor certification, not a Fire Instructor I or II renewal.